Friday, 1 February 2013

Week 16 - 01 Feb 2013 - Fri

74th day at SSMC, last day at SSMC.

Today is first day of the month (1st February 2013) but last day of the week (Friday) and last day of attachment! I will miss everyone!!! (^^)

As today is my last day in SSMC, I didn't really have any task to do. Well, maybe here's one? My supervisor had asked me to help her zipped her Excel files as the file sizes were large and are causing her computer to slow down. Plus, she had quite a lot of large Excel files. Thus, I had helped to perform this task. LOL...  (^^) Not really a task right? Hahaha... (^^)

Anyway, this is the end of my attachment! Just want to say thank you to my supervisor, Miss Pascale. I had learnt many many new knowledge and got to experience new things that I wasn't aware of. (^^)

Thank you, Miss Pascale. (^^)

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Week 16 - 31 Jan 2013 - Thu

73rd day at SSMC.

Today is the last day of the month (31st January 2013), second last day of the week (Thursday) and second last day of attachment! LOL... How cool... (^^)

This morning, I had continued to finish up yesterday's GR&R calculation as the data was not completed yesterday. Thus, today's first task was to continue yesterday's unfinished task. (^^) However, the results obtained had error... >.< Wonder when will the result be alright? @.@ But my supervisor seems to have found out why does the result keep having problem, so I guess sooner or later, the result will be acceptable. (^^)

Today had a wonderful, joyful and sumptuous farewell lunch with my supervisor, manager and other colleagues @ Swensen. (^^)

After the enjoyable lunch, I had continued the GR&R calculations. Just when we thought that the results were finally acceptable, I found out that we had made a mistake... And it turned out to be unacceptable again... >.< After which, the vendor came up to the office and we used the data that he had and the result was acceptable! Yeah! Finally! (^^) I was clueless why did the result change so drastically until my supervisor had explained to me. @.@ Well well, at least one matter is resolved. (^^)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Week 16 - 30 Jan 2013 - Wed

72nd day at SSMC.

Wednesday, third day of the week and this week left 2 days! (^^)

Today, I had helped my supervisor to recalculate the GR&R done yesterday as the result obtained yesterday was still unacceptable. This time round, my supervisor had asked me to divide all results by 50 and use the derived results to calculate the GR&R values. Although, the results change slightly, it was still unacceptable. Thus, my supervisor had decided to use another sample to run the data.

After which, I had helped my supervisor to create a one page summary regarding a tool update. The information was provided by supervisor and I only had transferred them into PowerPoint slides. Detail information on the tool will not be elaborated. ;P

After lunch, I had helped to extract data on wafer chipping to create trend chart for my supervisor. The extracting of data was easy compared to figuring the settings of the trend chart. I had spent more time on setting the chart rather than on extracting the data. >.<

 After that, I had helped my supervisor to do another round of GR&R calculation using data of the new sample. Same thing was done; exporting data out and calculations done. :)

That's all for today.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Week 16 - 29 Jan 2013 - Tue

71st day at SSMC.

Today is Tuesday, second day of the week. Attachment is down to the last 3 days. I feel weird counting down. I feel happy as attachment is ending soon but on the other hand I am also feeling sad as I'm leaving soon. Everyone is treating me so nice and friendly... I will definitely miss them! (^^)

In the morning, I had run through the steps on creating the charts, DCOPs and OCAP IDs using the software Tera Term with supervisor and had officially passed everything back to supervisor. LOL... My personal notebook was kinda useful when comes to referencing. Hahaha... Good thing is I had saved all information into the computer as soft copy so my supervisor will still have something to fall back on when I left. ;P

After lunch, I had helped my supervisor to do another round of GR&R calculations as the result derived yesterday was still unacceptable. Thus, I had exported out today's newly obtained data for the new set of calculations.

That's all for today.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Week 16 - 28 Jan 2013 - Mon

70th day at SSMC.

This week will be the last week of my internship in SSMC and since today is Monday, my attachment is coming down to the last 4 days. 

Today, my first task was to update some trend charts to their most recent values as this week is the last week of the month, I had updated the charts to show their values till week 4. After which, some charts had error referencing from the raw data and so supervisor had asked me to relink the data.

Just before lunch time, supervisor came back from fab with information regarding the tool recipe and had asked me to update the tool recipe for her. It was just adding more part IDs into the original list thus, not much time was used for this task. LOL... (^^) 

In the late afternoon, just before supervisor had gone into the fab, I was tasked to do another GR&R calculation with the newly acquired data. And so, I had exported out the data and done the calculations. 

That's all for today. Bye. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Week 15 - 25 Jan 2013 - Fri

69th day at SSMC.

Last day of the week and attachment is coming down to the last 5 days for next week. (^^)

Only 1 task today, I had continued to finish up the translating of documents from Chinese to English for my supervisor. This time, I had inserted screen shots too. Although today only had this task, it took me almost the whole day to complete. I had to look for the right screen shots to be inserted from other reference documents and not from the original document. It's pretty time consuming though.

Anyway, nothing much to share for today, I guess. Weekends are here!!! Time to enjoy!!! (^^)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Week 15 - 24 Jan 2013 - Thu

68th day at SSMC.

My first task for today was to update the daily defect task. Today's data did not have any defect count, thus, it was an easy job done. I had simply updated the relative PowerPoint slides and the Excel tables. (^^)

After which, I was having quite some free time so I had looked through all tasks that I had done for this attachment, regardless of project related or not. I had also looked through my personal notebook that records all my daily happenings since the start of this attachment. It's felt like reading diary. LOL...

After lunch, supervisor had gone into the fab and I was tasked to design a proposal to discuss the idea of our project with the IT personnel. To give the IT personnel a better understanding of our idea, I had included information on what we are having now and what we would like to have with support from IT side.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow is Friday!! Ganbatte~~ (^^)